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Linea Coffee (Eat/Drink)

LineaCaffeRating: Solid Good
Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (3417 18th Street between Mission Street and Valencia  Street)

Review: Linea redefines coffee and waffles. Their beans have (more…)

Kin Khao (Eat/Drink)

KinKhaoRating: Solid Good
Where: Union Square, San Francisco, CA (55 Cyril Magnin Street and is actually on Mason Street and Ellis Street)

Review: Not your typical inexpensive local Thai joint. It’s upscale gourmet Thai with multiple layers. The dishes were on the smaller portion.

Deep fried duck egg “salad” was fairly good with very garden fresh taste, hot wings were also good with a small spicy and sweet kick. Rabbit curry was more delicate and while not a lot of taste to the meat, the sauce was excellent! Complimentary white or brown rice.

Drink wise, it’s by the Trick Dog team. While the drinks (more…)

Victory Hall & Parlor (Eat/Drink)

VictoryHallParlorVictoryHallParlorRating: Solid Good
Where: SOMA, San Francisco, CA (330 Ritch Street cross Townsend Street)

Review: The wait for having a table to eat Little Skillet in an alley is over. Same owner Deanna Sison Foster also has Farmer Brown (live music on Sundays and weekend brunch are buffet style on Saturdays and Sundays.)

The signature dishes of (more…)

Tu Lan (Eat/Drink)


Rating: Solid sodium good

Where: SOMA, close to Tenderloin, San Francisco, CA (8 6th Street cross Market Street)

Review: Everything you might have read about the good old Tu Lan on the food is still true after the major overhaul renovation. They gutted out the floor, wall, and ripped out and replaced with stainless steel equipment and counter.

So no worries on the (more…)

Izanami (Eat/Drink)







Rating: Solid good

Where: South San Francisco, San Francisco, CA (257 Grand Ave)

Review: A fairly new establishment in recent months serving richer (sweeter and spiky taste) of izakaya and ramen. They are also known for omakase. The visit many of the smaller dishes are sampled including such as spicy garlic crab, spicy wings, albacore shishito, stuffed mushroom and the special sashimi that included toro, aji (spanish mackeral) and renko dai (red seabream) of the evening.

The sashimi was fairly good, fresh and were chilled properly. The izakaya dishes were all very enticing on the eyes and good on the palate.Iaanami1

Ramen is also fairly popular here. Mala tonkotsu had spicy pork broth with chasiu, fried chicken, and 1/2 egg. The broth was thick and juicy with good grease to it.

Keywords: ramen, dinner, sushi, southsanfrancisco, solidgood

Poor House Bistro (Eat/Drink)

PoorHouseBistroRating: Solid good
Where:  San Jose, CA (91 S. Autumn Street, a couple blocks from HP Pavilion and Caltrain San Jose Diridon Station in Silicon Valley)

Review: Great southern food in a house (credit cards accepted inside) that has a full covered outdoor with a cash bar and a band and is also surrounded with heat lamps. Perfect place to eat before a concert / game or grab a good drink afterwards.

The place is packed with the fact that it’s close to (more…)

Kronner Burger (Eat/Drink)

Kronner BurgerRating: Solid Good
Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (2379 Mission Street)

Review: Very good juicy burger and moist with slight crisp edge bun. The burger was not big and is just enough to satisfy your crave. You might need to order a side of fries if you come really hungry. The bone marrow was done perfectly with excellent hot bubbly that went well with the burger.

Note that they did not ask how well cooked the burger was desired and came as a bit under medium rare. General (more…)

Akiko’s Restaurant (Eat/Drink)

Akiko'sAkiko'sRating: Solid good
Where: Union Square / Chinatown, San Francisco, CA (431 Bush Street, cross Kearny) Don’t be confused with the nearby Akiko’s Sushi Bar on Mason.

Review: Excellent sushi but pricey for its smaller portion.

Clockwise from (more…)

Ike’s Lair (Eat/Drink)

IkesLairRating: Solid Good
Where: Oakland, CA (2204 Broadway)

Didn’t know what i was missing until i took a bite of halal chicken from Ike’s.

The sour dough had the crunchy and slightly chewy good bread. The meat was minced and marinated (more…)

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