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Bourbon Steak (Eat/Drink)

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Rating: Rocking Good

Where: Union Square, San Francisco, CA (335Powell Street, between Geary Street and Post Street)

Review: This is a good spot for the happy hour and bar menu, especially the fries with 3 different sauces and beignets with MacCallan caramel custard. If you can’t find them just ask the server.

A recent visit for a full blown dinner was an impromptu after a movie on a weeknight. The decision was interesting, from the usual communal table to a sit down table. And that’s how it changed the mindset. Smart layout of the restaurant.

The experience was (more…)

Lolinda (Eat/Drink)


LolindaMenuRating: Rocking Good

Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (2518 Mission Street, between 21st and 22nd)

Review: Excellent and strong drinks, delicious tapas (no, it’s not a steakhouse), all at a laid back classy ambiance and not the loud bar scene.

The drinks were so strong that at times you will have to sip. Each drink is very delicious with complex structures.

The food was flavorful and because it’s a tapa style place, it’s great for small parties while the place is spacious to hold large parties. Each bite was nicely executed and was filled with rich flavors. Some of the must try dishes include artichokes, ceviche with fried corn and sweet potato, sushito peppers, pork belly, asado mixto, chorizo, just to name a few.

LolindaRestaurantBut the most surprising item is (more…)

Turtle Tower (Eat/Drink)

TurtleTowerLarkinRating: Rocking good
Where: Tenderloin / Civic Center, San Francisco, CA (645 Larkin Street, between Ellis and Eddy)

Review: Moved a couple doors up from 631 to 645 Larkin Street because their lease was up. New location is clean and more spacious (old location has the front corner shop plus from the side entrance to more space.) But it has the same number of seats. The old spot had the seats closer together.

Food is as always really good. The broth was great and addictive! Very flavorful and you want to (more…)

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