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The Square (Eat/Drink)

TheSquareRating: Okay
Where: North Beach, San Francisco, CA (1707 Powell Street by Union Street)


Brought by the same folks who have the impressive Sons & Daughters, and Sweet Woodruff, The Square is meant to be a more casual joint for its location.

Kale salad was probably the best with its clean taste. Guinea hen and trout were just standard and nothing mind-blowing. The 30 minute prepped rhubarb and pistachio galette with whole milk ice cream was good but again, nothing to dream about afterwards.

Cocktails were too sweet and tart but wines and Calvados VSOP were good.

The space was a bit loud and tables are quite packed. Still the place was packed, making it a bit noisy. But if you like a happening place rather than eating and drinking, this will be it for its trendiness.

Unfortunately the price point was high for its quality, even North Beach is a prime location for both locals and tourists. Each person would easily run over $100 for its somewhat mediocre food and drink. It made this visit totally disappointing. The only plus point is they open until 1am for most of the days.

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Caffe Roma (Eat/Drink)

CaffeRomaRating: Excellent
Where: North Beach, San Francisco, CA (526 Columbus Ave between Union Street and Green Street)


A coffee roastery tells you everything about a coffee place, that these are dedicated people who take coffee seriously. You will be delighted by their deliciousness. This is especially true for Caffe Roma as it’s also family owned and the people here are really friendly. They make excellent and espresso drinks from the most authentic espresso, to a cappuccino, or in a warm sunny afternoon, an affogato that will sing into your day! They also carry sandwiches, pastries and biscotti, cookies.CaffeRoma

The old fashion fans and the doors on both ends of the cafe makes refreshing crisp air flow. Brown and white photographs on walls, soccer memorabilia, oldie music, patrons who are reading a book, newspaper, or on laptops are all in this spacious but also intimate atmosphere. And TV (sound muted) is on all time with good sports games.

Caffe Roma makes North Beach a real Italian feel with a spin of true San Franciscan joy. And if drinking a cup is not enough to satisfy you, they have a great selection of beans that you can get to brew at home! My favorite is the Sicilian Gold with its dark, smooth and rich taste. You can also see the giant roasting machine by the front entrance.

Keywords: Excellent, NorthBeach, San Francisco, cafe, coffee, restaurantreview

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