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Linea Coffee (Eat/Drink)

LineaCaffeRating: Solid Good
Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (3417 18th Street between Mission Street and Valencia  Street)

Review: Linea redefines coffee and waffles. Their beans have (more…)

Boba Guys (Eat/Drink)

Rating: So so
Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (3491 19th St cross Valencia Street)

Review: $4 for the horchata boba was still too (more…)

SmashBurger (Eat/Drink)


Rating: Good

Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (2300 16th Street between Bryant Street and Portrero Street , inside the shopping arena)

Review: Pretty tasty burger and definitely great fries. And they have a selection of milkshakes including malt! But the sodium and calories will make you think twice before visiting it on a regular basis.

The fries were made with rosemary and (more…)

Ramen Izakaya Goku (Eat/Drink)

imageimageimageRating: Okay

Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (3232 16th Street between Dolores Street and Guerrero Street)

Review: They are more known for the izakaya plates (tapas, smaller dishes that are almost snack style)

Decent ramen quality but seemed to be just a tad bit little (more…)

Duc Loi (Eat/Drink)


Rating: Solid Good
Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (2200 Mission Street cross 18th Street)

Review: Great place with decent prices (almost as close to Mexican grocers around for vegetables), excellent selection of organic fruits and vegetables, less common ones such as watercress that is still in water, Harris Ranch beef that’s reasonably priced.

In addition to shop and cook, you can also grab a banh mi (more…)

Mission Public (Eat/Drink)


Rating: Solid Good
Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (233 14th Street between South Van Ness Ave and Mission Street)

Review: Nice little cafe with setting that may be fitted a bit more on Valencia trendy hood than the autobody shops centric hood.

Opening day #2 (7/30/2013) they were (more…)

Kronner Burger (Eat/Drink)

Kronner BurgerRating: Solid Good
Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (2379 Mission Street)

Review: Very good juicy burger and moist with slight crisp edge bun. The burger was not big and is just enough to satisfy your crave. You might need to order a side of fries if you come really hungry. The bone marrow was done perfectly with excellent hot bubbly that went well with the burger.

Note that they did not ask how well cooked the burger was desired and came as a bit under medium rare. General (more…)

Craftsman & Wolves (Eat/Drink)

Craftsman & WolvesCraftsman & Wolves

Rating: One of a Kind, The Best
Where: Mission and Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA (Valencia Street)

Review: The success of the (more…)

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