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Tu Lan (Eat/Drink)


Rating: Solid sodium good

Where: SOMA, close to Tenderloin, San Francisco, CA (8 6th Street cross Market Street)

Review: Everything you might have read about the good old Tu Lan on the food is still true after the major overhaul renovation. They gutted out the floor, wall, and ripped out and replaced with stainless steel equipment and counter.

So no worries on the (more…)

Verbena (Eat/Drink)


Rating: Decent
Where: Russian Hill, San Francisco, CA (2323 Polk Street)

Review: New American Californian cuisine restaurant that is just open a couple days ago.

This is on par with similar spaces/style such as the recent openings Stones Throw and 1760, or popular Frances. Nowadays in San Francisco scene, there’s a trend of using (more…)

Izanami (Eat/Drink)







Rating: Solid good

Where: South San Francisco, San Francisco, CA (257 Grand Ave)

Review: A fairly new establishment in recent months serving richer (sweeter and spiky taste) of izakaya and ramen. They are also known for omakase. The visit many of the smaller dishes are sampled including such as spicy garlic crab, spicy wings, albacore shishito, stuffed mushroom and the special sashimi that included toro, aji (spanish mackeral) and renko dai (red seabream) of the evening.

The sashimi was fairly good, fresh and were chilled properly. The izakaya dishes were all very enticing on the eyes and good on the palate.Iaanami1

Ramen is also fairly popular here. Mala tonkotsu had spicy pork broth with chasiu, fried chicken, and 1/2 egg. The broth was thick and juicy with good grease to it.

Keywords: ramen, dinner, sushi, southsanfrancisco, solidgood

Craftsman & Wolves (Eat/Drink)

Craftsman & WolvesCraftsman & Wolves

Rating: One of a Kind, The Best
Where: Mission and Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA (Valencia Street)

Review: The success of the (more…)

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