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Labor Day (Book)

LaborDayBookAuthor: Joyce Maynard
Genre: Romance, crime
Year Published: 2009
Rating: Decent Read–Edition/dp/0062313630

This book has a film adaptation.

The story uses first person as the lonely thirteen year old Henry whom and his mother, Adele, brought back a convict, Frank, home during Labor Day and how the convict quickly built a strong relationship with his mother. It focuses on his (more…)

Montaro Caine (Book)

MontarioCaineAuthor: Sidney Poitier
Genre: scifi, religious, philosophical , suspense
Year Published: 2013
Rating: Decent read

Very first novel Poitier has written. And well, he waited all these years.

The book was definitely posh (more…)

Philomena (Book)

PhilomenaBookAuthor: Martin Sixsmith
Genre: memoir
Year Published: 2013 (original: The Lost Child of Philomena Lee in 2010 )
Rating: Decent read

A movie based on the same name book about how a mother who was forced to give up her son after giving birth in wedlock in the 50s and lived in an abbey. For all the years the son had tried a few times to find the mother, while the mother thought of him all the time but only (more…)

David And Goliath (Book)

DavidAndGoliathAuthor: Malcolm Gladwell
Genre: psychology, self-help
Year Published: 2013
Rating: Decent read

Review: Gladwell frequently takes on a specific focus / point, illustrates with numerous examples to make sure readers understand a conceptual idea. His books are easy reading and once you get the point, all the examples from different angles will become apparent.

This book is written (more…)

Sycamore Row (Book)

SycamoreRowAuthor: John Grisham
Genre: crime, thriller, law, court
Year Published: 2013
Rating: Decent read

Review: With the same lawyer and team characters from A Time To Kill, after 24 years, here comes Brigance had to defend again in another high profile race related case. But this time it has more twists than arguments in court.

The story lies when a white billionaire hung himself who also did a new will and signed only by himself and no witnesses (holographic will) and was said to give (more…)

A Time To Kill (Book)

ATimeToKillAuthor: John Grisham
Genre: crime, thriller, law, court
Year Published: 1989
Rating: Decent read

Review: Pretty good detective and court novel about a father who killed 2 guys who raped his daughter and had to defend himself with insanity.

The description was quite graphic and could turn (more…)

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