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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Movie)

JackRyanShadowRecruitMain Cast: Chris Pine, Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley

Review: 7.2 out of 10 stars.

This is a tribute to Tom Clancy and the movie is not based on any of his books and is only loosely based on how his character Jack Ryan, Sr. first became a CIA agent.

Obviously due to the limited amount of time of a movie (this one only 1:45) it had to be shorter, direct and filled with actions.

Don’t be fooled by those (more…)

2 Guns (Movie)

2GunsMain Cast: Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg

Review: 6.5 out of 10 stars.

A movie about 2 undercover agents accidentally crossed each other, a movie where good guys gone bad, and bad guys, oh well, still bad. It’s got some funny lines and an okay plot if you want to see lots of ammos and familiar scenes.

Washington certainly is typecast as either being in the law enforcement or being targeted by one while Wahlberg was like (more…)

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