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Boulettes Larder (Eat/Drink)


Rating: Solid good

Where: Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA (Embarcadero)

Review: It’s been a while as they renovated and opened up the Bouli Bar and on Sunday (August 11), they opened the once and only brunch, a reprise of those who had been regulars and have been following their every move.

Their food, to many, might be more than just Californian. It serves exquisite and sometimes acquired taste such as chilled soup. But in recent times they have gone slightly more mainstream because after all, it’s Ferry Building that is filled with tourists.

The beignets are (more…)

Mission Public (Eat/Drink)


Rating: Solid Good
Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (233 14th Street between South Van Ness Ave and Mission Street)

Review: Nice little cafe with setting that may be fitted a bit more on Valencia trendy hood than the autobody shops centric hood.

Opening day #2 (7/30/2013) they were (more…)

Elmira Rosticceria (Eat/Drink)


Rating: Passable
Where: Civic Center, San Francisco, CA (154 McAllister Street, between Hyde Street and Leavenworth Street)

Review: It’s a cute little eatery standing in an otherwise somewhat quiet hood. The space looks crisp, relaxing, chilling and a great place to grab a bite.

However, the Porchetta sandwich (more…)

El Techo de Lolinda (Eat/Drink)



Rating: Passable
Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (2518 Mission Street, between 21st and 22nd)

Review: Same owner as downstairs Lolinda and while it has a similar feel of some of the dishes, it’s actually different intentionally.

Bottom line is if you are a serious foodie, go downstairs and grab a real drink and real deliciousness. If you are just looking for a good hangout spot and do not care as much about food and drink, head upstairs but be aware of the prices.

The rooftop is a big thing in San Francisco, especially in the Mission (more…)

The Willows (Eat/Drink)

TheWillowsRating: Decent
Where: SOMA, San Francisco, CA (1582 Folsom St, corner of 12th Streetand Folsom Street)

Review: From the same owners of The Sycamore, signature food and drinks are served at the Willows.

The great part is it’s open for lunch.

Pork belly donuts with maple Makers Mark glaze were definitely have enough Makers Mark in the bottom of the bowl and the syrup made it a good kick.

The deviled eggs with Sriracha and smoked chili powder were refreshing.

Plenty of burgers and sliders. Beer battered fish, lamb and fried chicken were all pretty good. The fries were crisp.

It’s a full bar service if you so incline to grab a drink. This would be a good place for after work drinks, evening bites and hangout.

Keywords: sliders, makersmark, porkbelly, drinks, SOMA, sanfrancisco

20th Century Cafe (Eat/Drink)

20thCenturyCafe20thCenturyCafeRating: Decent
Where: Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA (198 Gough Street, between Oak Street and Lily Street)

Review: Cute corner cafe for a light brunch or better yet, afternoon coffee / tea break to enjoy a conversation.

Food here, for now is mostly lighter style, not a lot of hot food and it gears towards chilled or room temperature eats, it give s a refreshing sense and especially with the lighter color-themed setting.

Krasinski Tortchen (layered Russian honey cake) was decent and honey-centric. It was not heavy nor was it too sugary. A good taste.

Cucumber yogurt soup was a bit light and almost watery. The taste was good though and just needed to be thicker.

The poppyseed lox was with a denser style bagel, fresh and delicious. The salmon was at good quality.

The drip coffee (Ethopian blend) was a bit too (more…)

West of Pecos (Eat/Drink)

WestOfPecosWestOfPecos1Rating: Solid good
Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (1550 Valencia Street and 16th Street)

Review: Great price for such substantial portion and delicious southern food, and strong drinks.

The style of cuisine is almost southern fusion, not TexMex but Californian fusion of southern food that uses fresh ingredients and gives a twist to the otherwise heavy dishes. The dishes tasted flavorful without the grease.

West of Manhatan (more…)

Flour + Co (Eat/Drink)

Flour + Co

Rating: Solid good
Where: Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA (1030 Hyde Street, between California and Pine)

Review: New local bakery which opens all day everyday until 6pm, perfect hang out place if you want to grab a bite in a lazy afternoon with friends.

They have all sorts of pastries from monkey bread (Cinnamon bread) (more…)

Craftsman & Wolves (Eat/Drink)

Craftsman & WolvesCraftsman & Wolves

Rating: One of a Kind, The Best
Where: Mission and Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA (Valencia Street)

Review: The success of the (more…)

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