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Gone Girl (Book)

GoneGirlAuthor: Gillian Flynn
Genre: suspense, drama, mystery
Year Published: 2010
Rating: Alright

This will be adapted to a feature movie coming out in 2014 with actors Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike:

A fiction that is narrated by (more…)

Private L.A. (Book)

PrivateLAAuthor: James Patterson and Mark Sullivan
Genre: crime, detective, suspense
Year Published: 2014
Rating: Okay

Part of the Private series under the umbrella of James Patterson.

Easy leisure read about a private investigator Jack Morgan who was hired to find 2 missing wealthy Hollywood life style philanthropists parents with their 3 adopted kids who went missing after a filming trip to Vietnam. The search involved FBI and other (more…)

Winter’s Tale (Book)

WintersTaleAuthor: Mark Helprin
Genre: fantasy, romance, mythical, adventure
Year Published: 2005
Rating: Good

Adapted to the same name movie by Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findlay:

The movie only took on a few (more…)

After Her (Book)

AfterHerAuthor: Joyce Maynard
Genre: teenage, mystery, suspense, coming of age
Year Published: 2013
Rating: Alright

Maynard, known for her Labor Day fiction which is also adapted to a movie, has released her latest book that is focusing on 2 girls who lived in the Marin county that is just north of the San Francisco with a depressed mother whose (more…)

First Love (Book)

FirstLoveAuthor: James Patterson, Emily Raymond
Genre: Romance, teenage fantasy
Year Published: 2014
Rating: Waste Of Time
It’s apparent that this book just tags along James Patterson’s name, as in like a publishing house that holds no real value other than a brand.

It’s a book about 2 teenagers, carjacking across the country, a girl in love with a boy. The author tried hard to use sophisticated references from books and movies to pretend maturity that tainted (more…)

Labor Day (Book)

LaborDayBookAuthor: Joyce Maynard
Genre: Romance, crime
Year Published: 2009
Rating: Decent Read–Edition/dp/0062313630

This book has a film adaptation.

The story uses first person as the lonely thirteen year old Henry whom and his mother, Adele, brought back a convict, Frank, home during Labor Day and how the convict quickly built a strong relationship with his mother. It focuses on his (more…)

Montaro Caine (Book)

MontarioCaineAuthor: Sidney Poitier
Genre: scifi, religious, philosophical , suspense
Year Published: 2013
Rating: Decent read

Very first novel Poitier has written. And well, he waited all these years.

The book was definitely posh (more…)

Philomena (Book)

PhilomenaBookAuthor: Martin Sixsmith
Genre: memoir
Year Published: 2013 (original: The Lost Child of Philomena Lee in 2010 )
Rating: Decent read

A movie based on the same name book about how a mother who was forced to give up her son after giving birth in wedlock in the 50s and lived in an abbey. For all the years the son had tried a few times to find the mother, while the mother thought of him all the time but only (more…)

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