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Gone Girl (Book)

GoneGirlAuthor: Gillian Flynn
Genre: suspense, drama, mystery
Year Published: 2010
Rating: Alright

This will be adapted to a feature movie coming out in 2014 with actors Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike:

A fiction that is narrated by (more…)

After Her (Book)

AfterHerAuthor: Joyce Maynard
Genre: teenage, mystery, suspense, coming of age
Year Published: 2013
Rating: Alright

Maynard, known for her Labor Day fiction which is also adapted to a movie, has released her latest book that is focusing on 2 girls who lived in the Marin county that is just north of the San Francisco with a depressed mother whose (more…)

Cuckoo’s Calling (Book)

CuckoosCallingAuthor: Robert Galbraith (pseudonym by J. K. Rowling who also wrote Harry Potter)
Genre: crime
Year Published: 2013
Rating: Alright

Review: Easy reading about a private investigator, Strike, taking on a client to solve the wealthy sister’s death. All about (more…)

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