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The Outsider (Book)

TheOutsiderAuthor: Stephen King
Genre: sci-fi, thriller
Year Published: 2018
Rating: Very good

Story was fluid with some funny 1-liners. Smart writing but the storyline was a little disappointing with recycled plots from. Other authors / movies.

Some less than strong characters were written well for the readers to feel frustrated. No real heroes in the book, not even Holly’s character, which could have been a little stronger rather than a hard facade but too soft in the core.

Nevertheless, an easy to follow read with some good descriptive scenes, making it more like an adventure than a crime sci-fi summer read.

Keywords: VeryGood, scifi, thriller

— Spoiler ahead —

A movie quickly came to mind, Fallen by Denzel Washington, that was based on a similar premise. In the movie by touching, the monster can jump from one living being to another being, human or animal. In The Outsider, the only difference is it requires some blood and takes a few months to transform the original body and to take over the physical characteristics and steals some memories. Essentially it’s creating a clone.

Unfortunately, The Outsider, which was monstrous, turned out to be an awkward, weak and oppressed thing, as it was psychologically torn down by just a few words from Holly saying it was sadistic and was impotent. Really?! Just that was enough to shake a chameleon front supposed monster?! And only a couple ball bearers in a long sock can kill something that can grow / morph into a complete person looking like another? That’s a bit farfetched for its power. And for it to simply become a pile of worms and disintegrate, it was just a really weak ending.

Holly’s character was supposed to be strong, but was shaped to be like the Great Wall but with too much insecurity. This was much like all other female characters throughout the book, one who’s pregnant, the other who is a wife but no one would even take in consideration in face value and was only treated as a nightmare, and other women who are against a grieving wife. What’s happening here? The only strong female cast member, Holly, the single superhero cannot have an equal right and is judged by her looks – her hair, how she dresses, and how she only speaks about a dead, beloved and loved partner who formed and moulded her. Maybe it’s from a previous trilogy, but one would certainly hope she can stand on her own 2 feet sooner in the future.

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