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Baywatch (Movie)

BaywatchMain Cast: Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, Ilfenesh Hadera, Jon Bass, Priyanka Chopra

Review: 7 out of 10 stars.

Good little cute lines kind of bae watch. Not totally overdone to drown the original TV series. It’s a tribute to the original cast and pokes fun, stereotype women and men who have good looks and a great body. But all in innocent and a little naive fun to kick off the summer splash.

It was disappointing, though, the writer had to trash Efron’s character as a villain to make the Rock look a better character, even Efron had tried to clarify that he collaborated the character. The Rock has graduated to become a man throughout the Fast Series from being dumb to being smart and well respected. But Efron has too been sterotyped in too many of these d-bag movies. He already has enough and good flicks in his pocket to pick better roles than being demeaned.

One can tell he had a little trouble in playing being belittled, except in the beginning when he’s still the breathtaking, like Halle Belle coming out of water kind of refreshing, sultry and heart-racing gazing. The Rock came off like a little jealous on those scenes.

Overall, the story is basic with Baywatch trying to be heroic more than just in the water. In between showing off the chest and breast, exaggerated but real muscles, all perfectly white teeth, non-messy hair. The little lines were slightly funny because of references of other flicks.

Kudos to the 2 main male characters to be all buffed up. But the tan on Efron was so tanned that made him wrinkly. And the Rock looked like he’s 60 from the over-tanned even he’s even more buffed.

But we all know attractive looks and good bodies simply make even critics to be more forgiving.

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— Spoiler Ahead —


Good funny line referring Efron as boy bands and youngster names and a good intro to his high school musical character. One can tell Efron could not help but smiled with pride of his good movie. Glad there was no mentioning on Nicholas Sparks or sad movies characters.
Glad to see a few scenes of Hasselhoff and big and newly renewed Pam’s face and good makeup. Did Pam add back even more packs?


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