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Get Out (Movie)

GetOutMain Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, LiRel Howery, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford, Marcus Henderson, Betty Gabriel

Review: 9 out of 10 stars.

Well, where do we start? This is a real wtFFF movie. It’s real horror movie.

One can categorize it as comically scary but it’s more like using comic to defuse the otherwise totally freakishly scary story.

Jordan Peele, after the loving Keanu kitty movie ( was getting serious. Gone was mostly his comedic stunts, in was the critical social issue we are all facing. But Peele took it to the top. You watched it and it could get you all boiled up. Fortunately, he kept some top-shelf wit fun script for the best friend character.

The story was totally on the edge and scene after scene, you just wanted to know what happened, even there were enough clues to help you along the way while you would feel you were tripping because there’s just too much. It reminds of another movie – The Purge: Anarchy.

Behind each smile was the greed and the sinister intention that scared the audience. It made your hair stand. The scenes got people’s jaw dropping lower and lower as the movie progressed.

The music from each segment started out happy go lucky then turned into hauntingly hollow and chill to the bone. It made your heart jump.

The acting was excellent, as they were all believable and natural. It may actually be too real!

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— Spoiler Ahead —


The movie has a much deeper level of racism, like extreme. If and after you watch the movie, check out the interview by the directing debut Jordan Peele:

It takes on racist to a totally different darker level. And that is actually what makes the movie much scarier than just a horror flick. You can watch Fences or Moonlight to understand it from a serious standpoint of racism. Or you can watch this and will realize it is more real than you think and hope it is not.

And all the spoiler discussions:


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