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X-menApocalypseMain Cast: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Oscar Issac, Rose Byrne, Sophie Turner, Alexandra Shipp, Lucas TIll, Olivia Munn

Review: 6.5 out of 10 stars.

2 hours 16 mins seems a long time and while it’s very Marvel style (lots of sharp color visuals, great orchestra soundtrack, decent acting, sharp kicks), there were simply too many characters packed in a movie. You get to see each for a few minutes then switched to the next. Just as you forget about it with all the excitement, they brought back the character and you would be like, oh yeah, what happened to that?

The creators definitely tried to link all the characters into a single themed flick, but it’s simply not possible with so many roles for a mere 2+ hours and a loose plot. Might work better in a comic book series, or mini-series movies, if there were ever one. There was not enough time to build chemistry or feel natural among them.

Some scenes tried to be funny but they were not. You can tell by the small pause expecting the audience to laugh but no one did. There was some awkward silence.

The soundtrack was loud, deafening to be more accurate.

James McAvoy looks too frail and lacks that determination. He looks like James Spader without the mysterious sophistication.

Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence tried hard but their lines were simply too skimpy to deliver their beliefs and struggles. Not their fault but just not enough screen time.

All other characters had very little time to show their inner strengths, let alone how fast and unreasonable they then turned to evil to revenge.

Oscar Issac was a bit too young for the Apocalypse character, even with such heavy makeup. He had too many hand gestures as he threw his hands in the air while giving a speech, missing a podium. This is not a presidential speech and Apocalypse is an immortal soul, using those gestures made him too human like and lacked the authority.

Obviously, with Marvel, stay after the credits for a scene.

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