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10CloverfieldLaneMain Cast: John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Gallagher Jr

Review: 8.7 out of 10 stars.

Pretty much any review would be a spoiler, and that’s how much of a twist the movie was, or how many.

Word of advice, grab and eat your popcorn and drinks before the movie starts, because you might jump and spill your drink or drop your bag of goodies.

Maybe it’s because the attended theater had deafening sound system that probably everyone had some hearing loss after, but nevertheless, the flick was a good psychological thriller in an enclosed space with just 3 characters. And showing it at a large theater intensified the experience. JJ Abrams had to add his flavor to make a twist (see spoiler below if you must know.)

Don’t read the synopsis or you would be spoiled. Go without knowing any plots.

At some point, it’s almost too much and one would want it to end because it was getting too anxious and scared for the audience as everyone was clinging onto the edge of their seats.

Howard, portrayed by, John Goodman, has done an excellent, believable, full of facial gestures and natural moves as real as 1 can be.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, as Michelle, has versatile facial gestures as well, from flirting to looking scared, and serious and anxious and panic, all without dramatic.

John Gallagher Jr as Emmett was a bit of a very important supporting character and he stayed in the background. Yet his role was crucial to add the details to the story.

And yeah, there’s the boyfriend’s voice who was Bradley Cooper. No, no visual, just his voice. And it’s very, very short.

The writing was fairly tight and focused and no unnecessary branching out. The execution was sharp, calculated and aim for the shock value by priming the audience to the scenes. Just as you feel you were safe for the moment, something would shake your belief.

The ending might be a bit cliche but still an alright one considering the whole.

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— Spoiler Ahead —


With only 15M budget, it’s not aiming for CGI. However, the money was spent on the ending twist, where Goodman’s ultimate conspiracy was real, that there were real aliens that were about to wipe out the last of human race.

The beginning scene, before showing movie title, was shown with Michelle, a textile designer, to decide to leave her boyfriend, leaving her engagement ring on the table and drives away. The movie slowly seed away her departure and to the gas station, and the eventual car crash that would make the unsuspected audience to jump from their seats.

The scene where Michelle was pretending to show interest in Emmett was flirtatious, that shows a very different side of Winstead from the rest of the movie.

The writing specifically made clear Howard did not see Michelle as a woman, but a girl, a fatherly figure to protect.

There were unanswered questions about whom Howard’s daughter really was and how she died. But it could be speculated by how Emmett died and after, that was more than enough for the audience to take the exit from getting too anxious and scared. Goodman being such a great actor made it even harder to want to continue the Abrams journey and just wish it would end, like a very scary roller roaster ride that one goes from all fun to a bit thrilled, to totally scared and screams and begs for the stop.

The last part was good as Michelle felt that she was right, that Howard was crazy and had done horrible acts, all while the all too normal scenes that gave her the false sense of security, that the same for the audience, for just a very short. What came after was a sci-fi discovery, that there’s alien taking over the world. This was done through some biological destroying of the human race. Abrams decided to spend more money on the 1 crazy metal piranha looking octopus. That did seem to be a bit unusual without an army of those and a bit of a let-down. But at that point, the audience was already exhausted and ready to have it all wrapped up.




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