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LondonHasFallenMain Cast: Gerard Butler, Arron Eckhart, Angela Bassett, Morgan Freeman, Waleed Zuaiter, Alon Aboutboul

Review: 8.2 out of 10 stars.

Straightforward plot with lots, and lots of car chase, shooting scenes that you feel like you were in a video game, on a big screen. This is a blockbuster crowd pleaser action flick.

Other than the first 10 minutes when the relationship is built (from Olympus Has Fallen but even without having watched it the friendship was genuine) between the secret service agent Banning (Butler) and the president (Eckhart), it’s all action all the way until the very end. While the scenes of closeness building was short, both actors have such great chemistry that the audience immediately warmed up to them, especially with the 1-liner jokes that came naturally. Butler acted well, just like Gerard Butler’s other movie roles, a dedicated and serious character, and at times blurted out some small funny 1-liners with a smile. Eckhart acted okay as the serious president and out of all the flying bullets, he finally opened up with some funny lines that were almost built as non-jokes. Added the mix of Angela Basset who had a great role as both serious and a small glimpse of the otherwise very kind and lovable soul.

Freeman’s scenes were fairly limited but it’s always good to hear his sensuous voice, like he can sell you just about anything.

There was no down time after the initial reinforcement of bonding. The writer put just enough time on characters that needed to show impact and not a single ounce more, making the movie executed very effectively, with the goal of bringing in non-stop action. Even without viewing Olympus Has Fallen, this worked very well just on its own.

Lots of CGI, obviously, to show massive blowups and shooting. But the in-person actions were not lacking with very solid fights, and some pretty good soundtrack (drumming and bass the whole time), keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

There were times, obviously, this is a patriotic movie, with the “president” preaching to the audience about how loyal Americans are and need to be, or united, depending on which angle you look at.

And obviously, Butler is an forever surviving hero in the movie, and can dodge all the bullets.

All in all, the execution of the movie worked with a believable enough plot. And it’s only 1:40, enough action and not drag on.

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— Spoiler Ahead —


Bad guys infiltrating with long term planning with good guys is becoming a popular plot for movies. This could easily make your head spin as it’s so surreal about unable to identify who’s on your side, and whom your enemies are, as fox in sheep’s skin.

There were a couple scenes that showed the flaws of CGI, having a line across the river before the blowup. But you can quickly forgive the mistake because the rest of it made it worth the ride.

Angela Basset was killed too soon, making it really just Butler and Eckhart fighting for the rest of the movie, along with other who were complementary to support.

There were very few women in this movie and they all went in and out for a few minutes here and there.

The war was also between Dell and Apple, as the United States and the attackers use respective brand laptops.
There was definitely some obvious stereotype of different cultures.

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