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A Royal Night Out (Movie)

ARoyalNightOutMain Cast: Sarah Gadon, Bel Powley, Jack Reynor, Emily Watson, Rupert Everett

Review: 6.5 out of 10 stars.

A light-hearted rom-com drama about the what-ifs about Queen Elizabeth and sister Margaret had a night out on the VE day.

While the movie tried to make it like an afternoon cup of tea, it has touched on some seriousness, which made it a bit of small identity crisis.

The movie spent much of the time of carefree sister Margaret running around having a good time, while the more serious Lizzy trying to look for her. In between there built a little romance for Lizzy.

There’s not much of a real story about sisterhood. It would have drawn a bigger female crowd if more character development was done for Lizzy rather than her love interest. Pieces of events were here and there. And because of that, the romance did not get a chance to blossom from the lack of understanding of the two.

Cinematography was a nice setting and the lighting was great such as portraying underground venues. Some un-believable storyline of the chaperons/guards, and the numerous mini-events were a bit of distraction and made it less of a tight plot.

Sarah Gadon has the grace and subtle authority that was so flowing freely without effort, but Powley’s “innocent” character was a bit too much as a royal member.

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— Spoiler Ahead —


The visit to Jack’s mother by Jack and Lizzy could have been developed more since it was supposed to show Jack’s close relationship with her. It would have made Lizzy’s “discovery” of real life military more real. This is especially true when she said what if she wanted a life that was just ordinary, a great prelude to knowing she and Jack could not possibly be together. This was left to the audience to ponder the what-if.

Lizzy asserted to the captain that while he was a captain, she’s the princess. This was probably one of the best moments of the movie to show Gadon’s authority even as a princess and not yet the queen.

There were too many fight scenes of Jack with different people. This is really not necessarily to show him being a rebel or anger inside him. There are many other powerful ways to portray his frustration such as he could “reason” verbally with guards rather than getting physical. This made him more of a violent character and almost a bit barbaric.


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