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Burnt (Movie)

BurntMain Cast: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller

Review: 4.5 out of 10 stars.

Basic Limitless, American Hustler, Silver lining coloring cookbook by a typecast Cooper who portrays another one of loud mouth, craze filled depressed guys who is trying to find a solution to calm his disorganized mind with the aid of a female character.

Silly Cooper with hot temper in the too high temperature kitchen, who sounds like a Gordon Ramsey when the slave kitchen team says Yes Chef. Threw fists for no real reason and the plot never made clear what drew him to that point, and why he had tripped over his previous teammate, or deserted his family, other than after that, he went for drugs to numb his senses.

Similar to the 100-Foot Journey movie on promoting Michelin star places that made it look like it was made to promote restaurants business.

The picturesque dishes look almost like fake Japanese food art rather than alive, which the dishes should be.

Really stupid plot twists towards the end that burnt the movie and the acting career.

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— Spoiler Ahead —

Towards the end when Cooper went and trash his competitor’s kitchen, that almost implied he started drinking again but without the hangover look but hangover effect of blackout the following morning, it did not make any sense.

The ridiculous plot that it turned out those patrons were not from Michelin was giving a happy ending, especially adding the later scene when the “real” ones showed up after he was roughed up for a debt he would not let anyone pay back but ultimately appreciated his ex.

Happy ending in the movie, not for the audience.

There was also no real reason on why he came to the point of depression, despite Emma Thompson’s belief he must have been traumatized in his early life.

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