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Bridge of Spies (Movie)

BridgeOfSpiesMain Cast: Mark Rylance, Tom Hanks

Review: 8.5 out of 10 stars.

Using some historical references and inspired by some true events, it is about an exchange of spies on a bridge, hence the title of the movie.

The great thing about describing a lawyer in the movie is that it’s not about the truth but what is presented to the state to prove an argument. The definition is rather narrow but accurate.

However, this movie was more about human interaction, emotional reactions and previous personal experience that affect Tom Hanks’ character rather than a lawyer’s logic.

Acting by Hanks would almost make one think he was being unrealistic. Rudolf Abel, played by Mark Rylance, being the supposedly spy, while lack of lines, had made an impressive role on its own, and could almost have a movie on its own. His character was at times comical but his almost expressionless face had delivered so much.

Other characters were mostly in the background and were a bit weak.

Wikipedia on Abel would be a good read on some of the perception that was portrayed differently in the movie, making it more like true spy movie even all 3 spies appeared to have very little knowledge to start with, or one would wonder, if that was just the idea to show to the audience?

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