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HectorAndTheSearchOfHappinessMain Cast: Simon Pegg, Rosamund Pike, Jean Reno, Ming Zhao, Tracy Ann Oberman

Review: 6.2 out of 10 stars.

A little comedy adventure about a psychiatrist bring bottled up from his patients’ issues and decided to travel to 3 different countries to understand what makes people genuinely happy.

There’s some truth from the different characters’ perspectives – family, love / fantasy, power and money that can buy physical comfort and temporary fantasy. Ultimately the main character Hector had to face what is most important in his life rather than escaping from his problems.

It started put a typical British style comedy, but then turned in a somewhat sappy chick flick.

Happiness is not lying just between 2 people,  but on many layers and levels and kinds, which the different characters showed but the majn character seemed to only focus on human beings.

Keywords: drama, comedy, romance, travel, moviereview


— Spoiler Ahead —


The theme of forgetting to return the pen back to the owner seemed unreasonable since Hector is constantly writing and doodling in his notebook. He uses it at his work, and he does not use a smart phone or a computer.



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