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Interstellar (Movie)

InterstellarMain Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, John Lithgow, Mackenzie Foy

Review: 9 out of 10 stars.

Without giving away any plot or spoil a very good movie, it is about a group of explorers trying to find a new home for the soon-to-be-drought-to-death earth.

The movie was more than a basic sci-fi flick. It’s filled with humanity and lots of emotions of families, friends and colleagues. It’s about trust and betrayal, faith and disillusion. Great orchestra soundtrack made it grand to enjoy.

There were a couple stories going at the same time, 1 in space and 1 smaller one on earth.

McConaughey was not the usual lone man intense, but had excellent interaction as a good warm-hearted father with his daughter, filled with inner struggle and pain that the audience might shed a tear. Hathaway had much more subdue acting than her usual extreme facial expression, which was also very satisfying as she finally learned to act with emotions and not just with her face.

Even it’s 2 hours 49 minutes, it did not feel that long as it was a quite a long storyline, with a twist, and a surprise megastar!

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— Spoiler Ahead —


One of the major themes of the movie is time – the time / space travel challenges the families as when each grows up, mature and old, each grows frustration, then as time heals, changes to resigning and eventually losing hope. The parallel universe the earth and space the families are experiencing, intertwined with their emotions, affecting their lives, but ultimately, come back together as one.

The storyline was nothing new, time travel, 4th dimension. As it’s close to the last 20 mins, it’s McConaughey trying to tell his daughter that he has been traveling back in time to tell her how he was still trying to save the planet earth. The traveling time that is not the same time spent on earth had those who were either on earth or at the spacecraft sad, frustrated, anxious and unknown, to shaking their belief and faith. The years time span was done very well to make the audience feel just as sad.

Matt Damon had a very small role, a handful of scenes relative to the whole movie, was critical but a bit of a stretch to the storyline. The side story how he was the one to tell that there was no return from the space travel was daunting but Damon did not have enough scenes to develop his character. Most of “his” background was based on the crew’s recollection of a lost explorer. Also, Damon just did not act as believable, unlike all his prior roles.

It was interesting to see when McConaughey was first trapped behind the bookcase, it was almost scary as if it were like the end of the movie, making it extremely frustrating. But the writer continued on to make it a fairy tale ending. One can say cutting the ending earlier might be better for a more memorable wrap.

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