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John Wick (Movie)

JohnWickMain Cast: Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Willem Dafoe

Review: 8.3 out of 10 stars.

John Wick takes on an ex-assassin who tried to settle down with a woman he loves by making a deal with the boss. But the wife died of an illness, and when he was crossed by the boss’ son, he lost the last gift from his wife, so he takes revenge.

The movie is produced by a bunch of stuntmen and a kick-boxer so you know it’s all about the fight scenes with a somewhat weaker plot. But who cares? You get a good run of the moves.

The movie has the most simplistic plot so that it can show gory, violence, clean shootings (mostly head shooting) and a few martial arts moves. It was great that Keanu Reeves was no longer just Neo and thank Goodness, no romantic crap from him on screen, that he finally had a role that he did not just try to act as a talking lover. He’s finally unleashing his acting skills as a quiet man with deep emotional wounds and grief.

If you have watched Luc Besson, you would find a lot of similarities, including the comical lines, the conspiracies, the crossing of the industry codes, the killing (and cleaning.) It’s in a way more about entertaining than just depressing. It also resembles a bit of the recent Sin City.

The soundtrack was metal rock with a French twist. It was deliberately gelled with the scenes.

The colors (grey and vintage) were used to match a bit of the mood but were only in a few scenes in the beginning.

Keanu Reeves’ moves were solid but obviously no match to Jet Li or even Jackie Chan. But the few he did were good enough for the flick without all the fake CGI.

The rest of the cast was a bit lame, a father who seemed to be too comical, a son who seemed to be too weak, a personal assistant who seemed to not able to understand a single of Russian. Seriously?

The fun comic book colored captions when Russian was spoken were good.

Fact: Eva Longoria was one of the producers, what?

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— Spoiler Ahead —


The underground network was a neat way to contrast the utmost loud party scenes.

The deployment of the most loveable dog got the audience “awing” in a few good scenes. The use of an animal and the interaction with the character shows the emotional side of the assassin. The romanticism mellows out a supposedly cold blooded killer on hire.

The dog scenes were cute even ultimately got everyone upset but fortunately it was not way too gory.



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