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Hounded (Book)

HoundedAuthor: David Rosenfelt
Genre: horror, supernatural, shinning, crime, thriller
Year Published: 2014
Rating: So so

This is the first read of Andy Carpenter series and of the author. The author’s love of dogs is the only reason for the book’s adorable cover of a beagle. That has set an incorrect tone to the audience to think a dog character would be involved in the mystery. It only has a small part of a pet with no scenes or plot.

Apart from that, the book of a lawyer turned detective and risking his life to help his friend to get out of jail was with a bit too many and loose characters, making it hard to keep track other than a convenience and at disposal of the author to carry on the plot. It lacks the connection among all the characters.

The theme was a good suspense, however, about how a drug can be developed as lethal, and the usual good cop finding corruption within the structure high up. The ending was too predictable and almost anti-climax.

This is no Grisham nor Patterson but an easy fast read of a story.

Keywords: SoSo, detective, suspense, lawyer, crime, thriller

— Spoiler ahead —


The ending about Lieutenant Coble and all about money and self preservation were too rough of an ending without deeper reasoning. People in their level are not looking for just money, but power, political power.


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