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A Summer To Die (Book)

ASummerToDieAuthor: Lois Lowry
Genre: Teenager
Year Published: 1977
Rating: Okay

Known for the dark The Giver book, Lowry’s title gives away the ending and another death theme, making it a bit hard to classify this as a teenager book. Teenager years are supposed to be filled with hope, future, sunshine, and not about dealing with the sister (Molly) ‘s illness.

It depicts well on the state of mind of Meg, the girl who was less glamorous than her prettier and slightly arrogant sister. But she went on being portrayed as a more mature and intelligent character and had more humility through her interactions with her neighbors and her love of photography,  a way of “seeing” the world through.

Ultimately she had to deal with the fact that her sister’s illness, that her teenager’s denial of reality but her braveness to face it, and shined through the celebration of the sisterhood and family rather than dwelling on the sadness of the death.

This book is more for mid teens than early teens.

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