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If I Stay (Movie)

IfIStayMain Cast: Chloe Grace Moretz, Jamie Blackley, Mireille Enos, Joshua Leonard, Liana Liberato, Stacy Keach

Review: 7.2 out of 10 stars.

Sappy little flick more about a love story than a girl to determine if she will stay on earth or to die after a car accident with her family.

The movie is based on the same name book by Gayle Forman. It is a teenage fantasy love story on top of a tragic accident. Even it is surrounded a girl in coma, there were so few scenes of those that at times it lost the essence of sorrow and focused on how Mia (Moretz) develops the relationship with Adam (Blackley.) It’s a coming of age type of romance indie style flick, about how Mia balances her relationship and her future if she gets accepted to Juilliard that’s thousands miles away.

This movie caters to end of summer before kids go back to school.

Acting was okay with the roles being believable and Moretz being the most pretty, young and innocent but somewhat an old soul. Her role is the most mature even comparing with her parents.

The scenes were done beautifully, the winter roads, the summer picnic in the backyard, the contrast of happiness in warm colors, the serenity of the windy snowy roads, and the stark harsh reality of life and death in chilly unemotional setting.

The soundtrack was quite nice, with lots of cello tracks mixed with pop rock of the 2 lovers, in addition to pop romance songs with a more indie and vulnerable rather than powerful twist(check out Ane Brun’s Halo version) that  that describe their relationship and sigh for their decisions and choices in life.

While Say Something is the song played in the trailer, it was not shown in the movie.

What was portrayed was true in real life when it comes to growing up, that being young is an inconvenience to be in love because younger people always want to do things and it can be distance or career or other future things that make or break a relationship.

Only at the end of the movie that it refocuses on the premise of the name of the flick, whether Mia should die because she has lost some of her most important families, or should stay because of those who still are alive and love her.

The story itself was a bit unbelievable and possibly be due to the book. It did not mention if she chose to die she would be reunited with her dead family members, making it a moot point to do so. In addition, the family members who are still alive, even without Adam, should have been sufficient for her to stay without hesitation because they were just as close. So watch it with those slight unreasonable details.

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— Spoiler Ahead —

Mia was extremely close to her grandfather who even drove her all the way to San Francisco for the audition for Juilliard’s, making it hard to understand why she would still consider dying.

The fact that Adam said he would move to New York with her if she wakes up seemed to be a last stretch as if he truly loves her, he would have done that without having to wait until she was on the verge of dying. While it shows his desperation, it’s hard to justify the reasoning why he said that only at that situation, instead of if there were scenes showing his thinking of going with her without even knowing she got in.

There was a bit of disconnect with her little brother who was stabilized then suddenly died. It took her to run to the room to tell the audience, because there’s no proper reasoning to suddenly have the character die. Also, there’s not enough screen time to develop the sister-brother relationship, making it look more like she was obligated than her love for the little brother if she stayed.

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