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What If (Movie)

WhatIfMain Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Rafe Spall, Adam Driver, Mackenzie Davis, Megan Park

Review: 6.7 out of 10 stars.

Harry Potter fans would enjoy a modern nerdy Harry falling / failing in love.

What If surrounds those who are not afraid of telling the truth when in love, and those who were on the verge of cheating. Sadly, the main female character Chantry (Kazan) falls into the latter category with the main male character Wallace (Radcliffe) and both struggle through the morale reasoning.

The 2 nerdy characters were somewhat well played but can bore most audience unless you are just as nerdy or chuckle at their nerdiness.

What is surprisingly good is actually Ben (Spall), who plays the boyfriend of Chantry. He was overwhelming animating funny, good looking, has the charisma, and totally steals the screen time with his happy go lucky positive point of view in life, head over heels towards his girlfriend and has no trouble telling others who tried to pursue her. He’s the sunshine of the flick, in addition to the sidekick friend Allan (Driver) and his hot girlfriend, Nicole (Davis.)

It’s a greyish kind of romcom as the main characters find humor with bantering each other. So maybe there’s a cup of tea for each kind. That they are made for each other, and Ben definitely appears to be much happier when not with Chantry (see spoiler if you want to read more.)

On the note for Radcliffe, he appears to be typecast for this kind of role and looked almost creepy in this flick.

Movie is set in Toronto (Canada) and the boyfriend eventually works in Dublin for 6 months while the girlfriend has a job promotion in Taiwan.

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— Spoiler Ahead —



The boyfriend, Ben, was looking definitely much happier with the Argentinian hot babe when Chantry surprised him by showing up. They both looked a bit guilty as they separated physically when seeing her on the footsteps. It definitely appears he’s already right from the beginning of his Dublin assignment detached from not calling her while away other than texting.

Ben’s character is like sunshine to a gloomy sky. He thinks it’s romantic to meet Chantry in a foreign country when he and she live apart, but she sees that as being lonely.

Wallace and Chantry share the same cynic view of life. When he decided to fly to the girl’s boyfriend’s place to finally be truthful about his feelings, she sees him as flying to break her up with her boyfriend. The guilt ridden parties do not seem to realize the most logical way is to break up with Ben first, be friends then be in love. The movie surrounds Chantry couldn’t make up her mind in her whole life. She could not figure out what man to be with, nor could she decide whether she should take a promotion to Taiwan, and ultimately took that just because she was losing both men. Seriously?!

Wallace’s character was dark, cynical, negative. The happy ending seemed to salvage that they deserve each other’s negative magnetism. Maybe 2 negatives do make a positive.


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