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Lucy (Movie)

LucyMain Cast: Scarlett Johannson, Morgan Freeman

Review: 5 out of 10 stars

This is a typical (or classic if you are a fan of Benson) Luc Benson movie, lots of visual violence with a formulaic plot.

The hypothesis by Dr. Norman (Freeman) about if a human being can utilize 100% of the brain from its 10% usage. This is a known myth, misleading and inaccurate assumption of the small percent usage. Thus pointing out the writer’s irresponsibility of the basic research of a science subject, making it worse than a pop science subject.

And this subject has been filmed many times. Sounds familiar? Think Limitless. Yep, same thing. Some scientist invented some drug and it got into the wrong hands, in addition to the drug was addictive with unexpected side effects. The difference is this time there were victims in the beginning

The violence and loud sound were also Benson’s signature show.

Acting by 2 leading actor/actresses was basic without any room to shine.

No after the credits.

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— Spoiler Ahead —


The ending was very disappointing, with Lucy started to gobble up all the data servers in the office. No servers would just sit by the bright windows with shades. Servers live in fairly cold all cement wall rooms.

And at the end when Lucy became a thumb drive? That was the dumbest ending. If she had all the information, she would not have put it in 1 place even she said she is everywhere afterwards. She should have put all the information into Dr. Norman’s brain.

If she had already read all the papers Dr. Norman had written and found no new information since his brain was not working that fast (too him 20 years to get to his hypothesis), then she should have sought after more servers and super computers, not a professor.


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