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Let’s Be Cops (Movie)

LetsBeCopsMain Cast: Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr., Nina Dobrev, Andy Garcia, Rob Riggle

Review: 7.3 out of 10 stars.

It was definitely guilty pleasure and was a fairly entertaining summer flick with some corny cheesy laughs. It was about 2 fake cops who enjoyed the abusing of their rights but in a fun and not totally harmful way.

The story starts with a video gamer who writes a cop game, and has a jobless roommate who once played well in college football. The 2 ended up with cop uniforms attending a party and eventually played cops.

It might look a bit formulaic with fantasies that many share – guys who want to be cops just to feel powerful and break laws in harmless ways and chicks ogling all over their powerful authority (what the uniform represents), and women who just can’t help but find that attractive. This goes back to evolution that females always look for the strong leader to mate.

There is a story and expecting feel good element throughout the comedy. The 2 main characters, Johnson and Wayans, had decent chemistry. Lines at times were almost lame but were quite funny.

This looks a bit like White House Down, with a black man and a white man interacting mostly and actions (much smaller scale and more like street crimes rather than national security.) Johnson has the look of Mark Ruffalo.

Obviously real LA or any other city cops are never like that but this is a straight up comedy fantasy. Hopefully youngsters would not watch it and want to become cops like they could violate all sorts of laws and still come out alright.

And a real hot cop does exist:

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— Spoiler Ahead —


You know when someone is quite young when the song “I want it that way” is played, especially only in audio with black screen in the beginning of a movie, when a girl asked, “who is that?” while the older audience laughed within 5 seconds. The song was played right in the beginning when Johnson was singing as karaoke and lived his jobless life.


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