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Neighbors (Movie)

NeigborsMain Cast: Seth Rogen, Seth Efron, Rose Byrne, Dave Franco

Review: 7.1 out of 10 stars.

Enjoy the ride. Some might think it’s a dumb comedy for all the dope, drinking and sex, the usual ingredients for the fraternity house that Teddy (Efron) being the president. But it also mixed in the next door neighbors who had an adorable baby girl, Stella, with vulgar parents (Rogen and Byrne.)

Lots of partying and some vulgar but creative tact, in addition to some shocker moments that will make you jump.

The plot started out typical but then it got interesting. The script was okay with some fun lines. At times the scenes were similar to the Project X movie.

It started a bit slow and flat but eventually it ramped up like turning up the volume of music and intensity. The last 15 minutes ultimately was its climax when it got a bit frenzy.

The last few minutes were almost a soothe-you-down moment.

The movie was between the struggle between making peace between the 2 neighbors- A couple, with a baby, who somehow still missed the college free spirit, and a frat guy who is awakening to the real world. This theme was lightly played and the movie focused more on the comedy value.

There was 1 simple after the credit.

The duo also has done a sorority skid on Jimmy Fallon and that Efron looked like prettier than many women:

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— Spoiler Ahead —



After the credit it showed the neon lights print and voice over “Game Over.”

The last part when Zac Efron stood outside of Abercombie, easily identified right before it showed the store name, was a final and ultimate satisfaction that all those who come to see a bod on such a sweet sexy face who is shirtless. That comparing with Seth Rogen, the funny “relax fit” that definitely was a laugh. Be it a woman who cannot stop ogling all over him, or a man who just admires well toned and defined muscles. It’s amazing to see the transformation and shook from his high school musical look.

Lisa Kudrow being the dean drew some laugh as a serious character. Her straight face whacky lines were just as quirky as Phoebe in Friends.

The part where the couple, Rogen and Byrne were talking how they love less rough edge things such as brunch, hand made soaps did have some audience laugh. But the way it was portrayed was that those things were kinda douch baggy!

The fact that Seth Rogen and Zac Efron were only 5 years apart in age but was quite dramatically different physically different itself was a shocker. Efron being a model look, a refined look in every way, comparing with the scruffy and overweight Rogen.


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