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Gone Girl (Book)

GoneGirlAuthor: Gillian Flynn
Genre: suspense, drama, mystery
Year Published: 2010
Rating: Alright

This will be adapted to a feature movie coming out in 2014 with actors Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike:

A fiction that is narrated by He thinks, She thinks of a marriage that was turned from younger people fantasy to boredom, especially with financial issues, to the wife missing that turned into a twisted relationship.

The book took a good chunk to describe the relationships from the couple’s individual point of view, then it got stranger and stranger. Readers will find the characters untrusting, greedy, selfish, unaccountable, manipulative and calculated. Took a small climax and leave you with some expected frustration. An okay read without too complex of a story and was somewhat linear.

It probably would make a good flick.

Keywords: suspense, drama, mystery, alright, bookreview


— Spoiler Ahead —



The ultimate ending about they were “perfect” for each other, as Nick being the one who was selfish and a coward, Amy being the twisted controlling who had to win and have her way all the time.

The killing of someone to frame an old fling, Desi, was totally covered up and that the police did not suspect foul play? Come on, that was simply not believable. It’s ridiculous. At times you feel sorry for how Amy was treated but you then cannot justify what she did.

Non-novel wording with slangs and vulgar words written all over.

The book was not that interesting but the movie trailer was good with a song that said everything about Amy, the twisted Amazing Amy.




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