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Transcendence (Movie)

TranscendenceMain Cast: Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall

Review: 5.9 out of 10 stars.

How did a good concept got dragged down by poor acting and bad soundtrack? The plot was going no where and was not believable. As the actors and actresses were saying in the movie that human emotions were contradicting, the writer and director definitely were unable to communicate to the audience.

The movie needed to be conveyed in a more action packed flick, a less deadpan speaking cast, with a better chemistry couple.

It was flat and boring. Even towards to the end when it was supposed to be all prepared all out and important, it was a linear tone. No transcendence from this movie and more like dipped to sleepiness.

Both Depp and the Hall were terrible in the movie, no chemistry, no acting skills nor emotional ruins that were supposed to be present. They acted more like distant partners. Even Morgan Freeman was in no use of his known deep voice or talent.

Soundtrack would have helped but there was no good orchestra music other than thumping sounds.

Nowadays most scifi movies inject some humor to spice up the storyline. This one had none.

No after the credits.

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— Spoiler Ahead —


The concept of the movie was good. It provoked the question of fear about when there is longevity and people heal in seconds from sickness or injuries, no lack of resources for food, and the strength of a robot with  precision. It showed how people fear something would take over rather than having a better life. It’s too bad the plot did not get executed well.

Will Caster’s line “while others might call it singularity, I call it transcendence” ultimately summed up the movie’s theme.


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