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Private L.A. (Book)

PrivateLAAuthor: James Patterson and Mark Sullivan
Genre: crime, detective, suspense
Year Published: 2014
Rating: Okay

Part of the Private series under the umbrella of James Patterson.

Easy leisure read about a private investigator Jack Morgan who was hired to find 2 missing wealthy Hollywood life style philanthropists parents with their 3 adopted kids who went missing after a filming trip to Vietnam. The search involved FBI and other international law enforcements and as the investigator dug deeper with help from resource (and prior love interest) Justine, they discovered history and other motives related to the couple.

The plot is straightforward and slightly predictable and nothing too intense. The writing was clear with chapters which Morgan as first person while as third person but still a specific person point of view. However, some characters were thrown in the books to just deliver 1 thing, making it less character development and appeared to be just a way to make it look more complex.

The side plot of Justine’s personal relationship with Jack and another character did not add any value in this book but might be used in future books.

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— Spoiler ahead —


The relationship between Paul and Justine was described as impulsive and the perception that he might have been married was purely a 1-sided guess. It’s likely eluded to future books that it was simply a misunderstanding.  However, the introduction in this book did not add any value.

The bunch of ghost combats trying to justify themselves as well as taking a ransom seemed to be almost anti-climax and lacked twists of the characters as the book progressed.

The nanny, Adelita, who turned housekeeper and had the boss fathered a kid seemed to be un-believable since if she was so connected in her homeland Guadalajara, Mexico, she would not have to be continuously abused by the boss.

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