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Hopscotch (Eat/Drink)

HopscotchRating: Excellent
Where: Uptown, Oakland, CA (1915 Pablo Avenue cross Williams Street, 4 blocks from BART within 8 mins walk, or plenty of street parking)


If there’s a reason for people to cross the Bay Bridge from San Francisco, Hopscotch will be it.

If you are going to a concert / show at Fox Theater or Paramount Theatre and want to make it an extra memorable evening, this will be it.

If you love some excellent authentic southern food that’s delicate with Californian and Japanese subtlety, this will be it.

If you enjoy an impressive cocktail, Hopscotch will make you want more than a couple, including the dessert drink.

The restaurant serves food that’s upscale while the setting is casual.

Amuse bouche tempura okra had good flavor. Yonsei oyster with sea urchin and salmon roe with citrus soy was refreshing and crisp. The meaty and good textured swordfish busted with the sauce, and with the chives, quail egg and nori seaweed that were flavorful.

The gigantic and signature buttermilk fried chicken with polenta (and house made dried chili sauce on side) was  very juicy, well seasoned and was crisply and chewable fried. The polenta was creamy that was very well paired.

The cocktails here were definitely versatile, complex and layered with deliciousness. Sleazy Steward (gin, kina, blood orange, absinthe, tonic) was refreshing and a good starter. Ghost Story (st. George terroir, Mezcal, cranberry, bird eye chili) was a great strong sipping drink.

The best dessert was Wide Eyed that was chilled tasty and a great balance between iced chicory coffee that was layered very nicely with bourbon and was then topped with sweet cream.

They also carry Germany and Japanese beers including Asahi on tap, as well as Japanese whiskies.

The restaurant has a diner feel and they even played jukebox style songs. It also caters bigger parties a couple doors down by reservations, making it a great place to host a party.

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