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Trou Normand (Eat/Drink)

TrouNormandRating: Excellent Where: SOMA, San Francisco, CA (140 Montgomery Street between Mission Street and Howard Street, part of the renovated AT & T Building) Review: From the same crew of Bar Agricole, here comes another excellent Trou Normand. Their cocktails are rich with a good refreshing sense. You could still order your typical Old Fashioned, but go with their signature drinks from Bar Agricole, or much better yet, get the Calvados drinks. Note these are not the fruity sugar stuff, but the real, properly made cocktails with lots of fun in them. TrouNormand

TrouNormandThey also offer a good range of dinner choices (best combination of any bars that know food and drinks.) The endive salad was with grapefruit, beets (both purple and white) and lots of greens with a very mild clear dressing. Absolutely stunning with its very fresh and crisp taste. Perfect with a cocktail to calm your palate while you can truly enjoy the cocktail’s layered ingredients. The Caraway pork sausages were thick and with very well seasoned with a touch of French mustard. The meat was tender and very moist. The side of roasted turnips were made well with its sweetness protruding through.

Drink wise, Zamboanaga(armagnac, pineapple gum, lime, maraschino) was with calming sensation. Supreme (calvados, lemon, orgeat, grenadine) was more fruity and a tint of sweetness that was also friendly. All dishes were in good portions. Open only on weeknights for now, the schedule is emerging with breakfast, lunch are coming soon.

While currently only a handful of big U-shaped padded classical brown colored leather seats and bar seats, in 4 weeks the back room and patio will be built out to accommodate another 50 people so stay tuned.

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