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Sabotage (Movie)

SabotagearnoldschwarzeneggerMain Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington, Mireille Enos, Olivia Williams, Joe Manganiello, Josh Holloway, Terrence Howard, Max Martini, Kevin Vance, Mark Schlegel

Review: 7 out of 10 stars.

Terminator and producer Bill Block decided to show up and introduced the movie. He and his famous line, “I’d be back!” were present and cheered up the crowd while most people were too busy taping and taking pictures of him. He looked energized with a face looking shiny.


The movie plot was a bit silly about a bunch of DEA agents who were party animals, drug addicts, and alcoholics as part of their stint so they can infiltrate the drug lords and other gangster groups, mainly from Mexico. The plot sounds familiar with the exception of good guys look bad.

During 1 stint they lost the money they stole and everyone was searching and trying to find out who did it. This is when it lost the audience. The good guys all went on drinking and partying and losing trust among themselves while they were suspended. The rest of the movie was to look at each character and find clues of who and why the money was stolen.

Lots of violent hitting scenes an fake blood (much better than the CGI blood from 300 rise of empire.) Scenes will make some flinch for feeling the pain for the characters. This movie reminds somewhat of Final Destination with the freak incidents throughout.

Overall poor acting as the actors/actresses were not as believable. Arnold was okay with his looks especially when in the straw hat. A few punchlines by him were actually quite funny.

No after the credits.

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— Spoiler Ahead —


Seriously, Caroline (Williams) had a wedding band but was not married. She gave an impression of looking and acting like a man, then started flirting and ultimately had a 1-night stand with Breacher(Arnold.) That was totally unacceptable. She cannot act at all and looked like an old young-girl ogling over Arnold. There was proper progression of learning him even they had plenty of screen time to develop it. Instead, she was all over him right from the beginning while speaking a script that was supposed to be stern and strict.

However, after the 1-night stand scene was very funny when she walked funny.

That scene also drew on why the director had to show her naked while swimming?! Maybe the strippers nakedness was not enough in the prior scenes?

Arnold definitely some of the funniest lines, as the movie was tailored for him. While being interrogated, he defended himself by insulting his superior’s 48% bodyfat. It was not just the line was unexpected, it was his signature accent. Those pictures of him with Clinton and Obama and a picture of Terminator shown were funny when menti0ned as accomplished by Caroline. They should have shown his official governor picture.

The ending that he stole the money was not totally unpredictable as it was shown he wanted revenge right from the first scene. The plot that he can so easily walk in the bathroom and killed the guy was too rough of a wrap up. A drug lord like that should have plenty of bodyguards in the whole bar. That was a big hole in the plot.


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