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Cuban Fury (Movie)

CubanFuryMain Cast: Nick Frost, Rasihda Jones, Chris O’Dowd, Kayvan Novak

Review: 7.2 out of 10 stars.

This movie will make you want to move with the music, just as salsa always does.

Simple story about a boy who was excellent and passionate about salsa dancing but was teased and assaulted and gave it all up. Growing up he (Frost) became a big boy (obese man really) and falls for his new boss (Jones.) He wants to go back to salsa dance to her heart but his obvious sex-thought-protruding-out-of-his-head coworker (O’Dowd) also salsa dances and tries to sleep with her. The movie progressed to their personal and interacting struggles within self-values and perception, feeling low esteem and over-confident at the same time, to ultimate triumphs.

Maybe because the movie was made in Britain with Frost’s cute British accent, even he’s not a dark tall hot Latino, he charms his way to the audience. He looks like Jonah Hill but with bad teeth (no pun intended.) He must have practiced quite a bit for this role because he did dance quite decently.

This movie was almost a copy of Along Came Polly about salsa dancing to someone’s heart.

Good laughs overall but the coworker was a bit overdone. And where’s the charming cop from Bridsmaids?! O
‘Dowd’s role was overdone and too gross.

No after the credits.

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— Spoiler Ahead —



Kayvan Novak’s role being the buddy Bejan and helps Bruce transforming was also a bit overdone. While the flat Fanta was cute, his script is mostly stereotypical and flamboyant. This parallel plot is also similar to Along Came Polly. A bit of copycat but fortunately the music and moves were good to save the movie.


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