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After Her (Book)

AfterHerAuthor: Joyce Maynard
Genre: teenage, mystery, suspense, coming of age
Year Published: 2013
Rating: Alright

Maynard, known for her Labor Day fiction which is also adapted to a movie, has released her latest book that is focusing on 2 girls who lived in the Marin county that is just north of the San Francisco with a depressed mother whose charming husband had been too much to other women that led to the divorce. They entertained themselves with their otherwise quiet and linear lives.

With their imagination and their father being a detective and investigation of Sunset Strangler, the older daughter, Rachel, seemed to have some psychic power and had some vision to the killer.

The book spent a good chunk of their teenager life recalling childhood (like 75%) and then it took a different turn and fast forwarded as Rachel grew up and became a writer, all while she was trying to solve some lifelong mystery. This then yielded to the book’s climax. The mystery truly set in the last 15 to 20% of the book so if it’s too slow reading one can do a fast read as they were not essential to the last part of the story.

The book was written in a relaxing feel, making the readers feel at ease, slowing priming them with subtle frustration and compromising before taking a leap of pace that suddenly woke up the fuzzy feeling and alarmed the readers with an ending that did not disappoint.

Keywords: teenage, mystery, coming of age, suspense, alright, bookreview

— Spoiler ahead —



Rachel’s search for the real killer all her life that led her to become a writer of possible outcomes, to ultimately drew the real killer out as she had wanted, while not a totally new concept, was written well enough to keep the readers engaged.

The tragedy of her father and close sister had made her feel alone and had the quest of restoring her father’s reputation.

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