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300RiseOfAnEmpireMain Cast: Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Lena Headey, Hans Matheson, Callan Mulvey

Review: 7.8 out of 10 stars.

Pre-quel of 300 with lots of CGI blood and some nudity / sex scenes. This is an ultimate comic con male fan fantasy with tons of killing that had so much blood bursting out everywhere, torsos and other body parts slashed apart, and some hardcore porn sex scenes.

The movie was slightly extreme and almost overboard and borderline more than R rated.

The major sex scene was graphic and violent to almost a bit excessively abusive, but all without bodies fully shown.

No after the credits.

Keywords: 300, prequel, adventure, CGI, 3D, moviereview

— Spoiler Ahead —


The hardcore scenes were boiling and almost brutal making one wonder if Artemesia suffers from being abused and raped and as a way, it was self healing by enjoying a guy throwing her around.


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