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First Love (Book)

FirstLoveAuthor: James Patterson, Emily Raymond
Genre: Romance, teenage fantasy
Year Published: 2014
Rating: Waste Of Time
It’s apparent that this book just tags along James Patterson’s name, as in like a publishing house that holds no real value other than a brand.

It’s a book about 2 teenagers, carjacking across the country, a girl in love with a boy. The author tried hard to use sophisticated references from books and movies to pretend maturity that tainted the characters’ otherwise innocence and naive teenage dreams.

The writing made the 2 reckless and unforgivable, sending the wrong message to the youths who read this trashy novel, because no adults would be interested in reading such immoral teaching, even with the ultimate reason why they did it, as no human beings should justify to risk their own lives and others just because they are sick.

Rather, they should have encouraged by using their smarts to do some good than getting their parents all worried. Their parents were already worried for their health and them being so irresponsible just made the book unsuitable for the younger audience.

The book has no depth, 1-dimensional and is filled with un-believable and clueless plots that just sent the audience all over the place. This is nothing like James Patterson.

Keywords: wasteoftime, hijack, roadtrip, romance, teenagefantasy

— Spoiler ahead —


The preface about Patteson’s loss of his first love to cancer sets the tone to the 2 characters, Axi and Robinson (first name Oscar), met when they were both sick, while Axi was in remission, Robinson was dying. His reckless and casual driving to letting a stranger kiss him, to handcuffing a police officer in the desert (regardless they called from a payphone later on), the story does not add any value to the younger generation, period.

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