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Montaro Caine (Book)

MontarioCaineAuthor: Sidney Poitier
Genre: scifi, religious, philosophical , suspense
Year Published: 2013
Rating: Decent read

Very first novel Poitier has written. And well, he waited all these years.

The book was definitely posh in terms of writing and play with words. Some riddles along the way but not losing the audience.

The story surrounded an unusual coin, a little wooden ship look alike wooden object, and how a good number of characters sought after for each and very own ulterior motives.

If you are reading the book, you would want to read just 1 book to keep track of all the characters since each has a chapter here and there, like weaving a quilt. Each character was described in detailed psychological state and observing others, giving the readers multiple angles of the other characters, making the book more 3D and live.

Each character has its own motive, and even for the very big CEO Montaro Caine, cannot escape his own downfall, especially at the very end. The characters were all black and white, either they are naive, trusting, good and honest, or the cunning, deceiving, greedy, selfish, money and power driven group (much bigger) and eventually creating and / or joining other wolf packs.

Each storyline was carefully followed and all had equal attention, making it a balance book.

Keywords: Decentread, scifi, religious, philosophical , suspense

— Spoiler ahead —



The coins that 2 babies held and by fate, they ultimately met and got married and had a baby together, was all about faith. The fact that no more coins from their baby was almost a bit anti-climax, but Poitier tries very hard to coach the readers that ultimately, it is not about finding a very unusual metal object that is off the element chart and whether one wanted it for its rarity, or for its commercial value, or for what wealth it might bring, or for what research purpose there might be from this phenomenon. The purpose is to bring the brightest group together, to know only if the human beings are working together that the world could be saved from its extinction.

The dead civilization with the 7 auto-pilot ships were a good, even it might be a slight cliche idea, was introduced well using 2 “active” coins. The 2 otherwise less famous characters, a child (Luther) who had deformities, and a true math genius, hold the key to the other well known business people.

The ending, from a philosophical and spiritual standpoint, is satisfying.

At the end of the book when Montaro abused his power for his daughter’s flaw has ultimately came back and bites him.  Truth cannot be hidden and will be revealed no matter how much maneuvers.

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