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Winter’s Tale (Movie)

WintersTaleMain Cast: Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Russell Crowe, William Hurt

Review: 5.5 out of 10 stars.

The movie has some spiritual religious idea, demons, miracles and God. It worked as 2 parts. Unfortunately the way it wrapped for the first part was a bit misleading and just as you think the movie was over, it started part 2.

Un-believable script and there’s simply not enough scenes/time for Beverly Penn (Findlay) and Peter Lake (Farrell) to acquaint before falling in eternal love. It was more about Beverly’s much too short life, desperation and lack of any social interaction that she chose him.  But Farrell was not believable enough to fall in love with her innocence, especially if he had been around. He appeared almost more like a slick playboy character.

This flick looks like a bunch of well known actors just met up for the first time for a few hours to read the script and then jumped right in the filming.

With fantasy theme in mind, it’s a bit ridiculous because a lot of the scenes were filmed in reality sense rather than dream scenery /dreamy sequences.

The CGI scenes overall is alright but nothing too major, though a couple scenes were scarily good.

For hopeless romantics who wish Farrell could do better than his BullsEye, he’s simply not fit for the very romantic role. Give him a wild boy or rough man and he’d be right at home.  He was all better as a thief in the beginning of the movie but was progressively deteriorating throughout the movie. He tried hard to be in the emotional scenes but should practice them off screen. This is really disappointing as he was slightly better in Saving Mr. Banks. But then those scenes did not involve talking but more just the looks. To be true, he’s still delicious.

Why is Russell Crowe all of a sudden having a Blacklist James Spader look and speaking exactly like an Anthony Hopkins? He also seemed to be less than prepared for his role.

The soundtrack has greatly saved a good portion of the movie, filling in gaps when the conversations ran void,  and when poor editing has too many weaving 2 shots as 1. Someone needs to learn how to film and record every detail so that 2 different angle shots of the same scene would look seamless.

No after the credits.

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— Spoiler Ahead —



The clock tower looks a bit like the movie Hugo — the scenes, the railway and attic setting. And it’s not just the looks, but the feel as well.

The CGI scenes of a couple scenes with Crowe cracking his head, his wolf like teeth, and the really off and too young Lucifer (Will Smith) were pretty scary.

The meeting between Pearly (Crowe) and Lucifer (Smith) was way too informal. The way they had a makeshift like step when they needed to do things official from the above, seemed to be casual rather than just friendly. The tone of those scenes were not well made.

Scifi with twists of time travel between past and present got the audience laughed quite a bit unintentionally as there’s simply no reasonable storyline to introduce a new love interest, Virginia (Jennifer Connelly.)

It is not an easy task to make a movie of with spirituality and performing miracles like Pay It Forward in the highest sense. Then the movie tells a tale of justifying that each human being, and not just chosen few, are miracles and perform some. Unfortunately that point simply did not have evidence to back it up.


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