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SanFranciscoMagicParlorRating: Decent good
Where: Inside Chancellor Hotel, Union Square, San Francisco, CA (Powell Street between Geary Street and Post Street)

Review: For a magic show that includes fun facts and rumors of San Francisco in an intimate and chillaxing setting, this is a great escape in the otherwise busy area to enjoy some cool tidbits incorporated with the illusions.

It’s wonderful for tourists to learn more about San Francisco in a storytelling way, especially such as the “Big” Alma Spreckels that is standing at top of the Dewey Monument right in the center of Union Square, also right across from the hotel.

SanFranciscoMagicParlorFor locals, you will find just as much fun learning about the fascinating and interesting history, giving its residents a renewed sense of what cultures have been grown in the city.

Walt even provides a pen with its name on it and a booklet of historical figures he has mentioned during the show so you can look them up later.

His show lasted about an hour and a half, with an intermission for bathroom breaks and drinks at the little bar right outside of the transformed Luques Restaurant. The restaurant is a breakfast and lunch carpeted place and is transformed to a magical evening, filled with lovely music and dim lights flowing, and his mesmerizing and pleasant voice.

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