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The Ophelia Cut (Book)

TheOpheliaCutAuthor: John Lescroart
Genre: detective, crime, thriller, law, court
Year Published: 2013
Rating: Alright


The book is filled with San Francisco colors, the street names, the Tenderloin neighborhood, and people. You would feel like you were in SF at this easy reading story.

The story surrounded a father defending himself in court after his daughter, who liked to date and ditch guys, found out her latest ex was killed, all after she was being drugged and raped.

It jumped around with different characters and made a few suspicious. It was intriguing throughout except the ending, where you wonder what and if all the noise about the characters ever told you the truth? The truth is important in a detective story since that’s how it ties all the loose ends together. But this book did not do that.

The ending is a bit Hollywood and almost predictable and you would find that a bit last minute blow.

Keywords: alright, detective, crime, thriller, law

— Spoiler ahead —



The fact that the mother decided to show up at the bar and killed the bar owner Moses McGuire was somewhat predictable because the author wanted to give one more kick before closing out the book. Now, however, it does not totally make sense since there’s truly not enough evidence that he killed the guy.

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