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TheWolfOfWallStreetMain Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Jon Favreau, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey, Jon Bernthal, Spike Jonze, Rob Reiner

Review: 7.6 out of 10 stars.

If you like The Great Gatsby, you will like this as Dicaprio is again portraying in a movie based on a glamorous character and his fall. And it focuses and glorifies the happy and shiny side for the most part.

DiCaprio again is the poster boy of the movie, and the Hollywood boy for many extravagant scenes.

Note that while the movie and the 2 books endorsed by the very Jordan Belfort, it’s not on Wall Street as it might try to lead you to believe based on the title. It’s as simple as pink sheets in Long Island. But hey, that won’t make enough money for a 3-hour flick.

While the movie was a storytelling of a colorful, busy scene after scene movie that makes the 3-hour ride just right, it was more a linear telling rather than a character development movie. There were no big motives about how and why Belfort did all that other than he found money was the motive, with the love of women and the addiction of drugs.

The movie failed to portray it’s the power of money that drives him to do all of the stock things. It’s a slightly hard concept how nothing in particular that Belfort him to be so determined. It is a basic and superficial storyline with no in-depth emotions.

Or maybe Belfort really simply did not have any. But then that would be a moot point of making this movie.

Wealth is not just a money concept but power is. Living a party scene only made sense for a short run.

But with the aid of Scorsese, Belfort is simply going to make another s*it load of money. And why he would put a movie about his downfall on his website is beyond anyone’s logical guess.

Check out the home video of the real Belfort:

DiCaprio worked harder than his previous movies and might even have had learned a few intense scenes from McConaughey’s very short scenes. His character is more believable than his last role on the legend but Belfort is a legend, nonetheless. His voice has gained more depth, his gaze more intense. His work is more mature.

Jonah Hill is again typecast as a sidekick and did similar nerdy loud acts.

Scorsese has a way to produce long movies that is engaging. Usually it’s through a good script/story. But in this case (unfortunately), it’s the non-stop preposterous and excessive lifestyle that he’s selling. It makes the movie empty without a purpose.

A side note about frauds on both movies – while people complain about being duped into this type of shady business, they often know that it’s too good to be true and that it’s not real. The greed clouded their senses and when they lose the game, they blamed it being unfair.

No after the credits.

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— Spoiler ahead —



McConaughey’s scenes are extremely short as a “mentor” / boss of DiCaprio. He was as usual, really intense like his Joe’s drumstick scene.

The naked women scenes were pretty PG. The talking in the heads with Aunt Emma that turned into a cougar scene, while unnecessary (unless it has any truth to it), was pretty funny.


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