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American Hustle (Movie)

AmericanHustleMain Cast: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner

Review: 7.3 out of 10 stars.

Good acting but the style and storyline looked like The Usual Suspect. All about con artists with a dumb cop. A cop who thought he could do it all, except this time the cop got duped with money too.

Jennifer Lawrence was actually better than her role in the Hunger Games and Playbook, a more acting role instead of dramatic scenes, she was more subdue as a silly housewife. She looked way better too.

Amy Adams, while a heck lot older in the flick than Lawrence, was the seasoned actress, along with Bale. She always wears long cut strap dress but she’s simply far from being sexy comparing with Lawrence. She did act like a good slightly tough con artist.

Talk about different generations in a movie. And then you mixed in De Niro, who decided, in recent movies such as The Family, as the most stereotypical role as the mafia. Really?!!

Cooper being the dumb cop was funny but seemed to waste a bit of his talent but he seemed to have a fun ride with it. His curly hair was probably one of the highlights of the comedy. He acted so eccentric and pretentious that did earn a few laughs.

The story is straightforward and good for a weekend flick.

Good directing and pretty funny and somewhat deserves a couple Golden Globe nominations but it’s not that original.

No after the credits.

Keywords: comedy, drama, crime, conartist

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