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Hobbit2Main Cast: Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Evangeline Lilly, Aidan Turner, Orlando Bloom

Review: 7 out of 10 stars.

Disclaimer: did not read the trilogy or any books related to it so cannot comment on whether it’s true to the novels.

Part 2 of the Hobbit.

From the CGI standpoint, the director and graphics designers have done a good job of portraying the scenes as vast and real. Most of the scenes, however, are a bit too dark, especially with the 3D glasses. The 2 hours 41 mins is a fun ride with Bilbo, the dwarfs, a little bit of Gandalf and the dragon, but certainly will require enough rest beforehand to enjoy, especially the beginning was a lot of talking and the ending was not as exciting as the journey. In fact, the ending left too much of a disappointment as you feel almost cheated and would refuse to leave the theater.

No after the credits either. Well, wait for another year for the next installment.

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— Spoiler ahead —



For those of us who has not read the books and wanted to know the overview of this movie’s plot (except the ending), check out wikipedia:

The ending was abrupt as all of a sudden, the almost spectacular dragon was covered with liquid, that it was unsuccessfully killed, looking all shiny and pretty, flying up into the sky, then shaking off all the gold and fly off. Nothing more about Gandalf other than he was pinned onto the mountain, appearing defeated at the time.

It is probably true that Bilbo already got the arkenstone from the Lonely Mountain without telling others nor showing it to the audience.

The little love story developing between Tauriel and Kili certainly paths the path of jealousy of Legolas, as depicted by his father about his admiration of her. This little plot certainly helps to increase an otherwise guys dominant audience.


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