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The Righteous Men (Book)

TheRighteousMenAuthor: Sam Bourne
Genre: Suspense, thriller
Year Published: 2006
Rating: so so

Review: Sam Bourne seems to write suspense thrillers that includes a ride of a good journey, then ended with lackluster trivial truth, sometimes it reminds as another novel, sometimes a movie.

In The Righteous Men, a number of righteous men were to be murdered, one after another, all while the journalist’s wife disappeared mysteriously. The story surrounds Will Monroe searching his wife in addition to this news piece, sprinkling with an ex girlfriend for some erotica (don’t expect too much, just a couple lines in a couple chapters.)

The ride was so great you were engaged and just wanted to know what happened next, an excellent way of writing. But the ending was much like fireworks that just ended so abruptly, pitch dark. And you felt a bit cheated. And most of Bourne’s novels tend to involve Judaism with Palestinians.

Keywords: suspense, thriller, soso

— Spoiler ahead —

The 35 men plus the pregnant wife’s future son seemed far fetched. And the father being ultimately the last one to kill the daughter-in-law? Really? It’s one thing to have a reasonable list of events, it’s another to have a ridiculous reason, that the father simply thought mercy killing of 36 good men would avoid Armageddon and even bring Jesus back? No matter how many times you read chapter 64, it still does not make sense.

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