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Anchorman2Main Cast: Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, Meagan Good, Christina Applegate, Kristen Wiig, James Marsden, Harrison Ford, Vince Vaughn, Greg Kinnear

Review: 5.8 out of 10 stars.

Continuation from the first Anchorman. While there is some new storyline, the humor was still not there. A few intelligent lines come from Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig.

No matter how many more cameos from Ferrell’s SNL friends and others to get some applause from the audience, it was simply too much of the crude and stupid humor that could only gather a few chuckles at most.

If you have not watched the first one, this would be a somewhat refreshing comedy. But using similar jokes simply disappoints the returning audience.

However, the promotions of the movie was pretty cool. Ron Burgundy went on a real TV news broadcast. At 18:11 is a classic:

Reaction after the broadcast:

What writer and director Adam McKay discussed how he had improvised scripts. That might be funnier:

Stay after the credits, just like the first anchorman.

Keywords: comedy, sequel

— Spoiler ahead —



The story goes that after being together and have a son, Ron (Ferrell) and Veronica (Applegate) split up as Veronica was becoming the network anchor, promoted by the big boss Mack (Ford.) Eventually Ron decided to team up with his 3 sidekicks as he got a gig of the graveyard shift of a new 24×7 network GNN.

A good number of cameos during the big fight among the different TV stations: Vince Vaughn, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Sacha Baron Cohen (Bruno), Drake, Will smith, Kayne West, Liam Neeson, Kriten Wiig, Jim Carrey, Green Day.

The love story between Brick (Carell) and Chani (Wiig) has a couple better lines:

Brick: what was your favorite moment?
Chani: Now. What was yours?
Brick: A minute ago.

Similar to the first Anchorman, making fun of today’s news outlets, replacing world news (Applegate losing rating from interviewing Arafat) with car chases, funny animals, weather, the hitting of baseball non-stop, sprinkling with smoking crack and patriotism is simply a big mocking of today’s news outlet.

Tagline: “Don’t just have a great night, but an American night!”

After the credits: Carrel eating a cookie under the big conference desk while the rest of the crew walked away.

Kinnear was an excellent actor but seemed to lose his charm over the years. He was a good talk show host and in a few flicks as main characters. Now he’s just playing small roles. In this secondary comedy, he plays the new boyfriend of Applegate.


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