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Philomena (Movie)

PhilomenaMain Cast: Judi Dench, Steve Coogan, Sophie Kennedy Clark

Review: 9.2 out of 10 stars.

Based on true events.

This is like 20/20 or Dateline on big screen but with dramatic orchestra that made you feel pinned in your seat, consumed by the 3 incredible actors acted tremendously with 2 who interacted with sparkling chemistry.

Just as you are about to ball your eyes out with the bitter discovery from a mother who lost his son for 50 years, the sidekick journalist was super funny and breathed in the fresh life to the heartbroken but hopeful mother.

At first glance it was like 2 extremes mismatches, 1 who is religious, believes in good in everyone, forever humble and feels repent for her “sin” for her whole life, contrast with a sharp, hot blooded and hot headed talkative guy who has just lost his job from his pen comment.

The two collide initially but quickly become a long lost puzzle as they went through the journey of finding the son together.

The very bitter truth was revealed half way through the movie and as the journalist’s contact felt that there might need to create more story to be published, the real story began. The ending was even more bitter, and you can feel the pain through Philomena’s eyes, first betrayed, then forgiveness. You feel how Martin feels, that you want justice.

Judi Dench was witty, many times wicked, with the very likeable Coogan who was like a friend who can’t stand his best friend taking the punch. Coogan as the funny Martin has the black and white mindset. There was a need to give it all up, yet as Philomena said, “there was just no sign yet.” So the journey continued.

The true ending was a triumph, to feel exonerated.

While many focus on these 2 amazing actors, Sophie Kennedy Clark definitely shines through as the young Philomena. She showed desperation. The costumes and background were perfect that you felt like you were in the 50s.

If you want to know a bit more about the real Philomena, check this out:,0,6220921.story#axzz2m6IPRZTa

No after the credits.

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— Spoiler ahead —



Philomena finally learned the truth, that her son never forgot her, his roots. The evil nun built all the barrier could not have blockaded them, not even death can tear their bond.

The only nun alive during the time when confronted by the truth that she prevented the reunion, looked defensive in her eyes when confronted. Her anger was shown like razor lights. And when she finally spoke, in the forever suppressed voice, believed the most important love of life, was a sin.

But it’s the decision to publish the story that Philomena felt justified and is finally free from her own cage.

Don’t be upset if you are religious as Philomena over and over again said not all nuns are evil.

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