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CatchingFireMain Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Donald Sutherland, Sam Claflin, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, Lenny Kravitz, Liam Hemsworth

Review: 6.8 out of 10 stars.

Second movie of the book series. Well, if you love soap opera, this is it– same plot with ripples (more but similar games) just a little deeper to the character. It’s a movie you love to hate (unless you read the books) because this is really nothing but a teenage fantasy with good CGI, and you got nothing else out of almost 2.5 hours time.

Lines were all predictable and no humor. Can’t blame the director, blame the author.

The director did try hard to build up Katniss’ character from being just a nice girl to slowly becoming selfish for only her family. After 1 hour, you would wonder, is there anything else other than JL? Did not read the series, but the movie was more about JL than the hunger games. Obviously if you wasted spent time to read the books, kudos to all the extra time that you find nothing else to do, maybe when you are taking a bathroom break.

If you are looking for more screen time with Hemsworth, you would be thoroughly disappointed.

Pretty good costumes (less colorful but were definitely more creative and thinking on the design) and the special effects make the movie more enjoyable.

No after the credits scenes either.

A much funnier parody by Sesame Street:

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— Spoiler ahead —



Liam Hemsworth does not have that much screen time other than a few scenes in the beginning and a minute at the end.

It appeared that they killed Lenny Kravitz right before Katniss went to fight. That was a real surprise. But it would be sad if Lenny does not come back in the next movie.

With the district 12 being “gone”, it looks like Katniss is expected to be ruthless in the next book. This is started to show when she asked Finnick to save Peeta instead of his 80-year-old mentor Mags. She showed complete selfishness. This was also shown in the beginning when Snow asked whether she actually loved Gale (Hemsworth) and she simply could not tell the truth; because she only cares about herself and her immediate family.

While JL’s performance was okay overall, her relationship with Peeta simply was not believable even after they had been through so much together. It actually looked more bro love between Peeta and Finnick.

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